• KOREASALT Natural 9-Time Roasted Bamboo Salt Powder & Grains 90g (80+10g)

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      Made from natural sea salt; 100% natural. Being alkaline and healthy salt, regular intake of bamboo salt helps balance of acidic and alkaline levels. And maintains body health. With high nutrition value, bamboo salt supplies all essential minerals to human body. Minerals have directly related to body health and are even more important than vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. Bamboo salt contains various kinds of minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus vanadium, zinc, manganese, selenium, etc..
      KOREASALT Natural 9-Time Roasted Bamboo Salt is made from natural sea salt. Ingredients are 100% natural without colour additives. KOREASALT is an established Korean brand. The products are complied with FDA for quality assurance.

      Ingredient: bamboo salt 100% (9-time roasted)

      Bamboo salt contains strong oxidation reduction power and helps eliminate the oxygen free radical which is harmful to body health. The oxidation reduction power significantly increases when repeating to roast salt following the bamboo salt process. Bamboo salt roasted 9 times has the strongest reduciton power compared to any other salt. 9-time roasted bamboo salt helps to relieve tooth gum pain, nose allergy, sore throat, stomach ulcer, improve acne skin, hair health and body skimming.

    Origin: Korea
    Bamboo salt was originated from Korea for over 30 years. The production process is completely natural. Firstly, put the natural sea salt into the bamboos. Then seal the open ends of bamboo trunks with clay. Put the bamboo trunks filled with salt in the iron kiln. Burn the bamboo using pine woods as fuel under 800 degree celsius for 8 hours. The bamboo burn out and salt pillars remain. One-time roasted bamboo
    Suggested Usages
    1. Eating: dissolve several grains of bamboo salt with saliva and swallow.
    2. Drinking: dissolve 1/3 teaspoons of bamboo salt with 200ml water
    Drink up to 500-1,500ml on a daily basis.
    3. Cooking: bamboo salt is a good substitue for common salt.
    4. Tooth brushing: brush teeth using bamboo salt powder instead of tooth paste.
    5. Skin washing: dissolve 1 teaspoon of bamboo salt in 500ml water and massage the
    solution onto your skin, face and hair and then rinse with cold water.
    6. Nasal cleaning: dissolve 2-3g of bamboo salt in 200ml water and spray it in nostrils.

    Recommended daily intake is 5-10g a day except for the salt in foods.

    * some little pieces of charcoal might appear in the container when bamboo salt is dissolved in water. This is normal and the quality of salt is unaffected. It is still good and safe to eat.
    * when you eat bamboo salt for the first time, you might experience nausea if you have some stomach problems. But it will disappear after 2 ro 3 days.


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    90 90g x 1 12 x 11 x 5 box BAM-00010 8809363910009


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    40 7.5 3.6 39 x 29 x 33 0.0373
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