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      100% natural
      * green propolis is rich in natural anti-bacterial flavonoids and anti-oxidant artepillin C.
      * thyme honey is high with amino acids and for intestinal health anti-aging.
      Ingredients: thyme honey 98%, green propolis extract 2%

      Contain natural anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant artepillin C plus flavonoids
      * good for respiratory, throat, mouth & liver health
      Its main functions are:-
      * help strengthen the respiratory system and alleviate allergies with flu, nose and throat issues.
      * promote cell regeneration and help clean mouth, fast recovery of the mouth canker sores.
      * help promote intestinal health and boost the immunity of fighting parasites. Reduce the rate of getting parasitic infection.
      * help activate detoxidation and improve liver health
      * help boost immune system to protect body from bacteria and virus.
      * contain inflammatory properties and help treat ulcer and inflammatory disease
      * help speed up recovery of wounds, burns, cuts, etc.
      * it is also with power of anti-oxidation which help remove the harmful free radicals and keep young and nourishing.

      Thyme honey
      * contains highh amino acids and for gastrointestinal health & anti-aging

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    Origin: France. Brazilian green propolis is treated as the top quality among propolis. Hence, it comes out with the statement of “The World’s Propolis in Brazil”. Being originated from Amazon’s wild forest with very high humidity and presence of bacteria, virus, etc., the green propolis is then developed by the local bees with its extra strength of environmental protection for their bee hives.
    Green propolis is a special typ of propolis and produced by Brazilian bees which collect the resin from a special type of medicated tree named Baccharis dracunculifolia and mix with exudates, wax, some secretions and pollen. As the propolis is in green, it is named green propolis. With the limited quantity of harvest per year, the green propolis is hence precious and expensive.
    Thyme is a type of aromatic plant with higher value of both food and medication. Thyme honey in light amber colour is rich in taste and nice aroma. Honey may be naturally crstalized.
    FAMILLE MARY has been established in France as a honey specialist since 1921. With nearly 100 year of expertise and experience, FAMILLE MARY has been specialising and focusing on developing a wide range of honeys in good quality so as to suit differenct needs of consumers. Green Propolis & Thyme Honey is a new functional and quality product. It contains
    (1) precious and high active level of anti-bacterial & anti-oxidant green propolis from Brazil plus
    (2) thyme honey for gastrointestinal health & anti-aging. With production from the honey specialist FAMILLE MARY, the quality of product is guaranteed. Green Propolis & Thyme Honey is 100% natural. Apart from the good taste, it can be one of your best anti-bacterial partners
    for your health protection.
    Green Propolis & Thyme Honey is suitable for people who
    * care about respiratory health
    * care about throat health
    * care about mouth health
    * care about gastrointestinal health
    * care about liver health
    * care about skin beauty
    * care about immune system
    * care about sleep.
    Suggested Usages:
    * children aged below two are suggested to use.
    * 1-3 teaspoons per day
    * can eat directly or consume with warm water.
    * good for body absorption with better effectiveness when take it 30 minutes before breakfast or meal.

    Caution: this product may cause allergy and please consult doctors’ advice for the pregnant or breastbreeding women prior to use.
    Honey may be naturally crstalized.


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